Men's Khussa: Asian Footwear Khoosa, Juti, Mojadi

Khussa, Khoosa or Khoosay are also traditional Asian Groom's Attire necessity. This Asian Footwear is hand made and crafted with colorful & sophisticated embroidery work. The warmth of the hands of great craftsmen make khussa shoes really fun to see and joy to wear.

These khussa shoes are made with the finest quality soft and pure cow leather. They would make a beautiful addition to any wedding sherwani, shalwar kameez for mens or womens whether it is Indian or Pakistani. The also are as comfortable as they are stunning.

In Male Footwear segment, traditional juti has become a Asian style symbol today. Juti, Khussa or Mojadi are the traditional synonymous of Rajasthani shoes, and looks good with denim, kurtas-pajama, sherwanis and even with formal trousers. Designed purely with leather male jutis/jotis usually has sober & decent colors. Beautiful handcrafted work of stones & beads over it, makes juti stand apart from all other kind of fashionable footwear.

Khoosas are not just for men but are worn by many women specially with churidaar shalwar kameez or petite fits. Many Bollywood Actors & Actresses worldwide are often spotted in Khoosas along with Bollywood Shalwar Kameez, Churidaars & Anarakli Salwar Suits.

Mens Sherwanis: Asian Groom's Attire..

Men's Sherwani is a typical attire for Asian Groom Wedding in all of South Asia. It is a combination of long knee-length Kurta, Shalwar (Churidar, Pajama, Dhoti etc). Sherwani originated from the Royal courts, Persian, Turkish orignins, Mughal Darbars and represents nobility & Royality. In South Asia its worn on many events such as asian groom events, weddings, baraats, parties, festive occasions.

A Sherwani is worn over a kurta and the lower part of the dress consist a churidar pyjama or a shalwar. Sometimes, a dhoti can also be used in place of pyjama with a sherwani. A scarf is also used which is draped over one or both the shoulders.

Sherwani has been a famous wedding outfit and is popular as an outfit which can also be worn on formal events. In India, the sherwani is worn on formal occasions in India it is the national dress of Pakistan for men. A sherwani carries a regal & elegant feel.

Men's Sherwani coat is usually of knee-length and it fits close to the body. The sherwani coat is fastened in front with the help of buttons. Embroidery Design & Zardosi work is done on Men's sherwani to enhance its appearance with a wide range of embellishments such as crystals, sequins, thread-work, dubka and more. There is a wide range of fabrics, designs, colors which can be used for a sherwani though the selection depends on the personal choice and also on the occasion. The sherwani used by the groom is ornately decorated.

Jooties or Khoosas are also used with the sherwani to complete the Asian Grooms Wedding Look. This Asian Footwear is hand made and crafted with colorful & sophisticated embroidery work. What is Khussa, Khoosa, Joti?

Also, there are different types of sherwanis available like Peshawri and the Baloochi.

Most of the Asian Groom wear a Kula or Turban on head.

Sherwanis look elegant as they fuse the best of both the eastern and the western styling. Sherwani is a typical attire for Asian Groom Wedding in all of South Asia.

Photo Courtesy: Rajivimpex, Ebay


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