Katrina Kaif At Rhyme Skool Album Launch

Katrina Kaif snapped in Skinny Jeans at the "Rhyme Skool" vol 1 album launch. These Black Jeans are simply pretty while a stiched stripped design can be seen on the front legs. Beautifully complimented with the black upper.

The Evolution of the Choli

The earliest evidence of the Choli (indian blouse) was that all it used to be was an unstitched piece of cloth stretched across the bosom and knotted at the back, as the saree was draped around the silhouette. From that humble beginning the choli emerged into what we know today. It took on various styles from full sleeved, round necked cotton blouses in the 1960's-70's to backless and lacy trends of today.

The choli undoubtedly plays an important part in the look of the saree, whether it's worn as a halter top, backless, with stones or accessories the choli is what could make or break the look of the saree.

Today there are endless designs of what once just used to be a piece of cloth. Browse through a variety of styles before you make your pick.


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